Repairing commercial roofs

Commerical Airport Roofing Concerns

While all commercial buildings have people coming and going all day long, few have the volume of traffic of a commercial airport. Whether a family going on vacation, a traveler stranded during a storm, a vendor selling coffee, or pilots waiting in a lounge – there is a wide spectrum of humanity under the airport roof every day. Airports also have many types of buildings beside the terminal, including warehouses, hangars, and fuel depots. All of these buildings require professional maintenance, including the roof. After all, airport roofing systems protect people and their belongings, expensive equipment, as well as a large number of retail businesses.

The many roofing systems at airports play a critical role in energy efficiency, security, aesthetics, and the overall consumer experience.

The Specific Challenges of Commercial Airport Roofing

Most commercial roofing structures have a lot in common, but those responsible for the roofing at an airport should keep the unique conditions of the location in mind. Depending on the size and function of the facility, these may include:

  • Size and Complexity: Airports may be spread across large expanses of acreage, requiring roofing solutions appropriate for many different structures, including terminals, baggage storage facilities, and hangars.
  • Security Considerations: Airports represent the most security-conscious travel option for consumers and professional aviators alike, meaning that airport roofs should be fortified against possible threats while protecting advanced and expensive surveillance systems. Modern airport roofing often integrates cameras and intrusion detection systems.
  • Environmental Concerns: From thundering engines to exposure to the full gamut of possible weather events, airport roofs are subject to unique conditions compared to other structures. In areas prone to severe storms, some airport facilities build meteorological equipment into the roof installation.
  • Energy Efficiency: Airports are continuously operational and require roofing solutions that can help to manage and reduce energy usage.  Roofing systems can be integrated with onsite energy management systems to optimize the heating, cooling, and lighting at the airport.

What Type of Roofing is Used at Airports?

There are several types of roofing most commonly seen in airport environments. These include:

  • Metal Roofs: Metal is extremely durable and resilient and offers many design options for aesthetic purposes. They are frequently chosen for airport structures and terminals.
  • Sustainable Roofs: Eco-friendly facilities may choose green (vegetation) or solar roofing to support sustainability and enhance energy efficiency.
  • Membrane Roofs: For larger roof surfaces such as hangars, lightweight membrane roofing offers adequate protection, being both flexible and durable.
  • Soundproof Roofs: Airports often add soundproofing elements to their roofing design, given the elevated noise level from panes and equipment.

Maintaining and Restoring Airport Roofing

All roofing, whether residential or commercial, requires routine inspections to ensure longevity and efficiency. This is especially true for airports, where exceptional roof condition is necessary to guarantee safety and operational continuity. Operational delays, expensive for any business, can become excessively costly for large airports.

But roofing maintenance at these large-scale facilities shouldn’t be trusted to just any roofing contractor – you’ll need to find someone with experience in repairing or restoring massive, complex roofing structures. They should also have a  comprehensive understanding of domestic and international airport roofing standards and offer the latest in technology, materials, and techniques.

At Unicoat Industrial Roofing, we have the relevant expertise to maintain, repair, restore, or replace airport roofing. Our depth of experience is significant when you are seeking to ensure the safety, comfort, and positive experience of travelers –  while protecting the airport’s critical infrastructure.

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