When Foam Roofs are left unmaintained or are coated with the incorrect coating they can begin to deteriorate. With Unicoat specializing in foam roofs we have the ability to offer multiple solutions for your existing foam roof. If the foam is still in stable condition it can be cleaned and a warranted silicone system can be applied over top. If the foam is damaged in multiple areas but the roof is not saturated, we can scarify the existing foam to reveal clean undamaged foam  and apply an additional layer of foam over top. That new layer of foam can then be coated with silicone and receive a full system warranty. Take a look below and contact us to see which solution will work best for you.

Options For Existing SPF Roofs

White Silicone Coating System

This is the ideal system for all types of roof.

  • 100% Waterproof making it suitable for both high and low slope roofs
  • Reduce energy bills by decreasing air-conditioning usage
  • Decrease roof temperatures, which extends the service life of a roof
  • Reduce local air temperatures (referred to as heat island effect)
  • Lower peak electricity demand, which can help prevent power outages
  • Reduce power plant emissions, which can improve air quality

With its highly adhesive and waterproofing nature Silicone is well suited for all roof types. Maximum solar reflectance means increased energy savings. The bright white finish and flexibility allows for minimal thermal expansion and contracting providing longer-term protection. Its ability to withstand ponding water means it is durable enough to put on any roof, flat or sloped. Eliminate the need for costly tear offs or roof-overs by calling today and asking about a Silicone System option. 

Polyurethane Foam Roof System

Polyurethane foam roof systems are a spray-in-place insulation made of rigid, closed-cell Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF). This fully adhered, self-flashing system is seamless and seals all penetrations with no joints, fasteners, or seams. SPF can be sprayed in place in a way that builds up slope to enhance drainage and minimizes ponding water. SPF provides increased insulation value and seals all openings providing a, truly, monolithic surface. The highly reflective white finish will provide maximum solar reflectance and energy savings. Excellent for second roofs over metal and built up roofs while also remaining an option if the existing roof needs to be torn off.