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Professional Roofing Company or Repair Contractor?

No one wants to admit it, but if you own a commercial property – at some point, you will have a leaky roof. If you don’t already have a working relationship with a local roofing contractor you trust, it will be tempting just to get anyone out there to repair the leak quickly before it does any extensive damage. But when it comes to value for your money and quality worksmanship, using an experienced professional roofing expert is typically prefereable to using a generic repair contractor. Here’s why:

  1. A commercial roofing company understands all aspects of professional roofing: Whether you need a repair or replacement, established roofing companies have seen your problem before – and they know how to solve it. Utilizing proven methods and systems, they dispatch, evaluate, repair, document and share lessons learned with their team – time and time again. tWhen you hire a full-service commercial roofer, you are guaranteed a high-level of customer service, quality workmanship, and total accountability.
  2. A commercial roofing expert will provide solutions that last for decades, not just get you through next season: A professional roofing contractor understands which repair techniques will work best over the long term, pass inspections and comply with all necessary warranty coverage requirements. Repair-only contractors are not typically as well versed in having to meet manufacturer standards or to think forward many years into the future. There’s a lot to be said for processes and best practices that have been honed across thousands of commercial customers.
  3. Commercial roofing experts know the specifics of every roof type: Professional commercial roofing contractors that offer decades of experience are capable of working with all types of roofs – low-slope, steep-slope single-ply and metal, and materials from SPF, BUR and modified bitumen. Understanding the nuances of each of these roofing types is essential for providing quality repairs, re-roofings and coatings.
  4. Commercial roofing contractors have the right professionals on staff, and they will know how to fix every problem: A professional commercial roofing company will employ technicians and managers that represents a deep bench of experience – not just one or two workers. Even if the roof leak is especially complicated, a foreman who has been responsible for assessing hundreds of roof leaks will have the skills to address the problem. These pros often have additional training and specific certifications, and their knowledge ensures more quality, dependable work.
  5. Roofing experts understand how diverse roofing systems work together: Oftentimes a commercial roof is comprised of more than one kind of roofing system. Older buildings or properties that have been expanded over the years someitmes have several types of roofs joined together. These situations can be expecially difficult to find a hidden leak and determining which type of roof coating would provide the best repair. A professional roofer will take a comprehensive look at the roof and consider the details of each roofing system and how a repair or coating on one may affect another.

Once a property manager has established a relationship with a commercial roofer who has worked on their unique roofing system, repairs and solutions are likely to occur more quickly and accurately. A roofer that has a relationship with the business can address future issues utilizing knowledge, reports, warranties and photos from previous repairs and recommending pre-emptive maintenance.

A well-maintaind commercial roof is an investment that should be protected. When you choose to work with a commercial roofing expert that has decades of experience and an extensive staff of professional technicians and installers, you can be assured that the work will be expertly performed.

At Unicoat Industrial Roofing, we take pride in our solid reputation for quality and customer service. If you building is in need or updating or repair, call today to learn more about the extensive benefits of roof coatings.

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