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5 Reasons to Choose Industrial Roof Coatings

Many factors play into the integrity and longevity of your commercial building – from the ground floor to the penthouse level. When you are dedicated to finding ways to extend the service life of your property, you need to consider every aspect of its structure, and how industrial roof coatings can help. After all, the foundation is critical, but the better the condition of your roof, the fewer overall structural issues you are likely to experience.  Industrial properties and facilities often have expansive roofing systems that cover acres of buildings. Replacing that roof in its entirety may be financially challenging and pose significant problems for tenants and clients if their access to the building is prohibited for any time. In addition to safety, protecting the interior before a complete roofing project can add weeks to the timeline – weeks of downtime that no one can afford.

These reasons and more provide the basis for the popularity of industrial roof coatings, which can be applied quickly, last for decades, and fit into a comprehensive budget. In fact, some experts estimate that you can professionally coat your roof for 25% of the cost of installing a new roof without disruption.

Here are five of the most significant benefits of quality industrial roof coatings:

  1. Extended Longevity: Longevity is critical for industrial roofing systems, primarily because of the cost of replacing them. Industrial coatings are anti-UV, anti-corrosion, and provide waterproofing protection – meaning that they address the major risk factors likely to affect your building and roof.
  2. Less Energy Usage: Your roof is one of the facility’s most significant indicators of potential energy usage. Properly prepared and coated, the roof’s surface area can reflect massive amounts of solar radiation, making maintaining interior temperatures much more manageable. The metal roof on many industrial facilities will represent cost-savings over the long term, but only if it is in good condition and free from corrosion – both of which are supported significantly by the proactive use of industrial coatings.
  3. Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal: A fading and chipped roof can make your building appear worn out and ill-maintained long before it becomes unserviceable. Industrial roof coatings allow your building to look fresh and clean for much longer, making it more attractive to clients, tenants, and customers. Worse than its appearance, once a roof begins to chip, maintenance and repair costs are not far off. You can improve the look and integrity of your roof quickly and cost-effectively by applying roof coatings.
  4. Better Resistance to Weather and Climate: No matter where you live, the weather significantly impacts how well your building’s roof holds up over the years. Whether salt from the Gulf, winds from a tornado, or driving rains during a hurricane – industrial roof coatings can help you waterproof the building and maintain a tight seal to avoid moisture intrusion. Even a minor leak can make your interior walls vulnerable, paving the way for future problems. Coatings work towards ensuring that severe regional weather is not the downfall of your roof.
  5.  Guard Against Mold Growth: In hot, humid environments, building exteriors can begin to manifest ugly black, green, or blue patches of mold and algae. While these growths rarely cause damage to the roof, they can pose health issues to those inside the building if they infiltrate interior spaces. While an industrial roof provides a level of protection, industrial roof coatings help cultivate an environment that is not conducive to mold and algae, especially on shady or moist roof areas.

As an integral element of your comprehensive maintenance strategy, rooftop coatings can help property managers save money, maximize efficiency, and ensure safety. At Unicoat Industrial Roofing, you have our promise of unparalleled knowledge and experience, professionalism, and exceptional customer service. Call today to learn more.

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