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7 Facts About Commercial Roofing Systems

While you may know a lot about your residential roof, commercial roofing systems are an entirely different product. Of course, all roofs are critical to those living and working under them – but the most appropriate materials, possible risks, and issues with slope and ponding are all vastly different. In other words, every the most adept homeowner should learn more about roofing if they are responsible for maintaining a commercial roofing system. Here are seven facts about commercial roofing contractors that every property manager should know.

  1. The right roofing material is critical: Commercial roofs are typically far more expansive and complex than residential roofs, making the selection of the right roofing material a vital choice. It can be very expensive should you make the wrong decision. Educating yourself on the advantages and disadvantages of each material will help you to make the right decision based on your needs and budget.
  2. Professional assistance is required: Hiring an experienced roofing contractor may initially seem too expensive, but it will be much less costly than paying for ongoing repairs and premature roof replacement. Even if the property’s roof appears to have only a small leak, it may be more severe and consequential than it appears. Someone without the requisite commercial roofing experience may not correctly or completely identify the issue, putting everything in the building’s interior at risk. To protect your investment, you should hire a roofing contractor that is licensed and insured – and has a great reputation.
  3. Roof maintenance cannot be ignored: You may think that roof maintenance can be deferred or that your budget may be better utilized elsewhere. However, necessary repairs that have been ignored for too long can be exceptionally costly in many ways – whether financially or in lost time, access, and resources. Routine inspections and prompt action in response to minor repairs can save thousands over time. An experienced roofing contractor can help develop a manageable maintenance program to include inspections, minor repairs, advice, and an approximate timeline for your next restoration or replacement.
  4. You need to stick to your inspection routines: Delaying a roofing inspection – or scheduling with the lowest possible bidder – can be dangerous. To identify issues while they can still be fixed affordably and without disruption to your clients or tenants, a professional roof inspector must be familiar with the applicable roofing materials, essential components, and signs of damage.
  5. Commercial roofing systems are more complicated than you think: Commercial roofing involves more than just the plywood and asphalt shingles on your residential roof. Many commercial buildings are made of multiple layers that employ various devices to safeguard the structure from adverse weather conditions. This complex system incorporates insulation, air ducts, waterproofing, flashing, fastenings, drains, decking, and the roofing materials themselves. All of these components were strategically placed to minimize and avoid leaks, as well as reduce energy costs.
  6. Your commercial roof is not flat: Many commercial roofing systems are often referred to as “flat roofs” and may even appear that way, but every roof has a small slope to allow for necessary drainage. To effectively carry water away from the structure, the roof scuppers must be clean and clear of debris. Otherwise, the water will depress and compromise the insulation, causing low spots, ponding, and leaks.
  7. Roof replacements are often not necessary: Experts confirm that the majority of roof replacements are performed prematurely and sold to building owners who don’t fully understand their options. Advances in roof coatings have made roof restorations not only viable but preferable in many situations. In fact, roof coatings can extend the life of a structurally sound roof for decades.

Call the Experts in Commercial Roofing Systems

While understanding the facts about your commercial roof is important, it is even more vital to call a respected and reputable professional when you need help and advice. If you are responsible for maintaining the roof at your commercial property, call the experts at Unicoat Industrial Roofing. From inspections to repairs and restoration, we are the team to have on your side.

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