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4 Commercial Roofing Misconceptions

Let’s face it: most people are not experts in commercial roofing. For many property managers, roofing is not top of mind – and the roof is a maintenance concern only when it springs a leak. Any lack of proactive roof care is typically due to people’s misconceptions about their roofs. At Unicoat Industrial Roofing, we believe that the best customer is an educated customer, so we are here to clear up some of those roofing misconceptions. Read on to see if you adhere to one of these common myths about your commercial roof.

  1. No Leaks, No Problems: Most people use the presence of a leak to determine the roof’s condition, but this is a misconception that can become exceptionally costly.
    Many leaks will not show up on the interior of the building until the roof has endured significant issues over many months or years. The good news is that with regular inspections, you can avoid and prevent serious leaks from infiltrating your property for decades. No matter the expense of your roof or construction materials utilized, regular inspections are recommended to catch minor problems before they become dramatic and have an exorbitant repair cost attached to them. Professional roofing contractors will look for details you may think insignificant, such as problems at the flashing and seams. In addition to routine inspections, annual maintenance contracts can greatly extend the life of a roof system. Expert Tip: Proactively coating an older roof before it deteriorates can be a much more affordable way to extend your roof’s lifespan.
  2. The Leak is Right Above the Drip: Contrary to their name, even “flat” roofs are designed and installed with some pitch to avoid ponding. Water follows the path of least resistance, meaning that with the help of gravity, water will easily flow within a roofing system quite a surprising distance. Water can enter through the top layer of the roofing system and then move between the other layers, entering the property’s interior a distance away from the surface damage. Therefore, if you notice a drip or water stain in one part of the building, the leak’s origin may not be directly overhead. A professional roofing contractor can help you identify the leak’s original source to get it properly repaired.
  3. Materials Don’t Matter: All commercial roofing materials are not created equally. As warranties are often utilized as a marketing strategy, some commercial roofing systems are warrantied beyond the timeframe that the system is expected to last. The catch is that warranty exclusions generally exempt specific types of common failures related to age. For example, many roofing systems come in partitions that must be welded or glued, creating seams – but these weak spots are excluded from the warranty. Another consideration is maintainability, such as roof coatings that can be applied with minimal preparation, making the roof far more repairable as opposed to needing a re-roof. With regular inspections and routine maintenance, coated roofs can last longer than other types of roofs.
  4. My Roof Can’t Be Coated: One of the more common roofing misconceptions is that some types of roofs – notably gravel and metal roofing – are not appropriate for roof coatings. While it may be true that some roofing materials present unique scenarios, a roofing contractor with the right experience can often use roof coating to coat a BUR with gravel or metal roof. Not every roof will be an optimal candidate for this process, but most are. The more significant issues are poor project preparation, improper product selection, or unprofessional application techniques, which is why choosing the best roofing contractor is vital.

Unicoat Industrial Roofing employs a team of trained professionals with an excellent reputation for evaluating and assessing roofing systems and recommending the best course of action. Please don’t pay for a new roof until you speak with one of our experts! We will help you to debunk all your roofing misconceptions and provide an excellent roofing solution.

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