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Understanding your Roofing Quote

The general rule of thumb is to obtain three quotes for any outsourced service, and this is true for building owners and managers looking for roofing proposals. The reason for the three quotes is simple – if you only have two quotes, and they are very different, it is difficult to ascertain which is the outlier. Three roofing quotes provide sufficient information for you to make an educated choice. Once you solicit bids, there are many factors to consider when making your choice.

In this article, we discuss how property managers can better understand how to make the best roofing decision for their company.

Comparing Your Commercial Roofing Quote

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when making a decision between roofing contractors and vendors.

  1. Systems and Methods: The first way to examine commercial roofing bids is to consider systems and components the prospective roofing contractor wants to utilize. Repair quotes are likely to suggest similar materials. However, some roofers may recommend a different option. If you notice any differences between repair quotes regarding materials, be sure to ask the roofers why they have or haven’t included something in their roofing quote that another company has. You can learn a lot from their answers.
  2. Timeline: Completing a roofing job in a timely manner is essential in order to limit disruption and inconvenience to the tenants or residents. Labor costs will depend on how long the project will take, so the total budget is significantly affected by the length of time estimated for the job. If one company provides a shorter time frame and lower estimate than other contractors, they may be underestimating the job. Be sure to read their contract for terms if the project goes over budget, and clarify why they think that they can finish the job so much more quickly than others.
  3. Subcontractors: If labor costs seem low, ask if subcontractors are involved with the project. (It’s best to ask about subcontractors in any instance.) Subcontractors are independent roofers that the company that wins the bid may hire to complete part or all of the job. Although these subcontractors may provide quality work and any liability is covered by the main contractor, you’ll need to understand if the people working on your project are employed and trained by the company you hire. If the contract involves subcontractors, make sure that these companies are not entering into a legal agreement with you but the contractor – and that they also have the mandatory required insurance.
  4. Technology: Roofing contractors that have invested in innovative technologies may be able to offer reduced timeframes and overall costs, meaning their quote may be lower than other companies with less experience and capability. Simply put, better tools allow any company to work more accurately and faster. When comparing vendors, ask about their methods and technologies.
  5. Extra Incidentals: There are several items you should ask about before agreeing to a commercial roofing contract. Do they clean up every night or leave debris until the end of the project? What hours will they work? What are the safety procedures in place to protect tenants, guests, and visitors? Is there a foreman on site at all times, or is someone available readily for any questions that arise?
  6. Roof Warranties: Be sure to confirm the details of any warranties in writing so that you know your options should your roof develop a problem. The products and materials will likely be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty as long as everything is installed according to specifications. The standard manufacturer’s limited warranty on a commercial roof is ten years, and contractors typically offer one- or two-year warranties covering their work. Ask about any other warranties that may be offered along with the project.

Trust the Professionals at Unicoat Industrial Roofing

Many commercial property owners have a longstanding relationship with their roofing contractor, often with an established maintenance contract in place. If you are looking to work with an industry expert and trusted roofer, we invite you to call the professionals at Unicoat Industrial Roofing. There is a reason we are the trusted team across the country.

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