Scarifying a Roof Equals a
Satisfied Condominium

As written in Florida Community Association Journal by Dean Visaggio on 02/2023

Palm Beach Landings is a condominium association located in Fort Myers. The association had a spray polyurethane roof (SPF) that required repairs due to blisters that had started to appear as well as ponding issues. The ponding issues were caused by the lack of any slope being built on the roof, and it was not allowing water to drain properly. If the blisters were not
fixed, then the foam underneath the SPF coating would become saturated, which could cause water to leak into the units below.Ultimately not fixing the blisters would necessitate tearing the foam roof off and installing a new roof. Historically once a foam roof is no longer under warranty or is in bad condition, the entire roof will be torn off. In part this is because few contractors have the ability to properly apply the SPF, and a roof overlay is not an option.

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