Commercial roofing repair

Common Florida Commercial Roofing Issues

As the state returns to pre-pandemic normalcy, business, and commercial property owners are walking a tightrope. While trying to keep tenants under lease in a new era of hybrid workplaces and remote working structures, they also need to maintain aging buildings – which costs money. Commercial roofing repair can be a major expense, especially if it is unexpected.

Florida’s climate doesn’t do the property owners any favors, with humid air, blazing sun, and ample rain significantly impacting the integrity of a commercial roof. Normal wear and tear on a roof may result in leaks, standing water, mold and mildew growth, as well as reduced energy efficiency due to inadequate insulation. Maintenance and repair of the roofing structure become essential, but reroofing may not be affordable for those needing to coerce tenant companies to remain under contract – especially as a recent report in the Business Observer indicated a 100% increase in construction materials in the last two years. Roof coatings are a viable solution for property owners caught in the middle of converging circumstances.

Common Roofing Problems for Commercial Properties

Leaks: Water leaks are the most common problem for any type of roof but can be especially problematic for commercial property owners who are responsible for tenants and businesses. It is vital to identify the source of the leaks and have them fixed immediately, as they can result in significant damage to both structural integrity and the building interior.

Flashing Damage: Flashing is utilized in sealing roof joints, such as around vents r other roof openings. If the flashing sustains damage, it may result in a roof leak. The persistent sunshine in Florida can cause the flashing to crack or wear, which can further lead to seals failing completely.

Cracked Sealant: Sealants are used to seal the joints and seams on a roof. Over the years, sun, wind, and water exposure can cause cracks to appear, allowing water to seep through the cracks and wreak havoc.

Poor Insulation: Without proper insulation, heat can readily transfer through the roof, resulting in higher energy bills and a reduction in interior comfort. Insulation condition should be inspected routinely to make sure it is still providing the needed protection.

Improper Installation: Inadequately installed commercial roofing can lead to a myriad of issues. The roof’s life span and performance depend on correct materials and proper installation.

Structural Damage: Florida is well-known for its intense weather, from hurricanes to tropical storms or fierce rainstorms. The elements can do significant damage to commercial roofs, leaving them with holes, missing tiles, or other structural damage. Commercial property owners should get in the habit of visually inspecting their roofs after a major storm and call for repairs as quickly as possible to prevent additional damage. Here are some of the visible signs of damage to be on the lookout for:

  • Uneven or sagging sections on the roof
  • Areas of ponding water
  • Water stains on interior ceiling or walls
  • Cracking, crumbling, peeling, or blistering sealant
  • Increased energy bills due to ineffective insulation

Roof Coating as a Commercial Roofing Solution

When commercial property owners and managers are faced with roof damage, they may think that their only option is to tear off the roof and start over. Because of the price of roofing materials and changing revenue models, this may seem an overwhelming prospect. However, the professional roofing experts at Unicoat Industrial Roofing have a solution. In many cases, roof coatings allow property owners to add decades of additional life to their existing roof, even if it has some evident damage. Roof coatings represent a significant cost savings over reroofing.

If your roof has sustained minor damage – or if you are simply worried about the age of the roof – call Unicoat to schedule your FREE roof inspection. We have a solid reputation with commercial business owners, not only in Florida but across the United States.

Call today to learn more about how you can extend the life of your roof at a fraction of the cost of re-roofing.

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