Commercial roofing repairs

The Importance of Commercial Roof Maintenance

If you are responsible for the structural integrity and maintenance of a commercial building, there are many components of the property to consider. It can be easy to get caught up in the day-to-day business of responding to calls and fixing problems that arise – but it is important to not ignore the more comprehensive long-term issues that may need your attention. In Florida, the roof of a building takes a lot of abuse and experiences significant wear and tear. Having a proactive plan in place for commercial roof maintenance and repairs is vital to maintaining your roof’s integrity and preventing premature failure of the structure.

Indications of damage to your building’s roof can be subtle or alarming, but all commercial roof maintenance should be addressed with professional expertise and urgency.

4 Steps to Proactive Commercial Roof Maintenance

You might think that a small leak is nothing to be too worried about. However, delaying required roof maintenance could result in a significant and unexpected expense that disrupts business operations – and could weaken the building structure and damage on-premise equipment. This is especially problematic if multiple tenants are affected. Given what is at stake, we’ve assembled five best practices necessary for maintaining your commercial roof effectively.

  1. Practice Preventative Maintenance: Depending on the type of roof and the roofing materials utilized, maintenance guidelines will have been set by the manufacturer. Building or property managers should inspect for leaks, ponding water, and other potential problem areas regularly. Catching a problem early on will allow you to address the issue before serious damage takes place. Remember, it is always easier and more cost-effective to fix a minor issue before it gets out of control.
  2. Insist on Scheduled Maintenance: As mentioned above, we understand that everyday calls, projects, and issues can overtake your workday. Months may go by without you even thinking about how the roof is doing. By scheduling routine maintenance inspections, you can rest easy knowing that your commercial roof maintenance is not being overlooked. Annual maintenance performed by professionals will identify problems early on, saving the company time and money in the long run.
  3. Perform Maintenance Checks Post-Storm: It is always a good idea to inspect the roof for damage after any severe weather – including not only hurricanes but heavy rains, hail, or tornados as well. Storms can weaken the roof gradually, as even if the roof survived the impact of a given storm, it may have sustained subtle damage that may cause an issue over the course of the next several weather events. If it is safe to do so, property managers should inspect the roof themselves after any storm and call for professional assistance if any problems are evident. A commercial business owner in a hurricane or tornado-prone area may wish to install a roof coating system in order to waterproof, repair and protect the roof without the need for re-roofing.
  4. Hire the Right Roofing Contractor: In storm-battered areas, property owners must be wary of transient operators, especially if they offer “too good to be true” pricing. Be sure to select a roofing contractor who is qualified, experienced, licensed, and insured. It is essential to research your roof coating and protection options, concentrating more on quality of work, reputation, and safety protocols rather than bottom-line cost. The right contractor will help to assess the overall health of the roof, estimate the remaining roof life, establish a commercial roof maintenance plan, and make additional recommendations.

Unicoat employs fully insured, expert crews guaranteed to get the job done right and ensure your roof system will last. We install the best roof coating systems on the market while adhering to the coating manufacturer’s guidelines for application. You won’t find a company offering better materials, workmanship, or ongoing preventative maintenance plans – call Unicoat Industrial Roofing today to learn more.

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