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Substrates for Various Types of Roofing

In our last blog, we discussed what a substrate is and how important a substrate is to the integrity of a commercial roof. In this article, we take a closer look at the appropriate substrate solutions for different types of roofs. If you are a commercial property owner looking for the best next step to maintain your roof, call an expert for an inspection and assessment.

5 Roofing Types, 5 Solutions

  1. BUR (Buit-Up Roofing): A built-up roof (BUR) is also called a tar and gravel roof. This type of roof is a popular option for low-slope roof owners and is comprised of several layers of fabric materials. Durable fabric is coated with bitumen (asphalt)and covered with rocks or gravel. As Built Up Roofs get older, the asphalt tends to erode, causing cracks to form in gaps and resulting in expensive leaks. In this situation, a foam roof is an excellent non-invasive, and more affordable solution. Polyurethane foam roof systems are spray-in-place insulation made of rigid, closed-cell Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF). This seamless system seals all roof penetrations with no joints, fasteners, or seams. SPF can build up slopes to improve drainage and reduce ponding water. SPF provides a monolithic, highly reflective white finish surface that promotes solar reflectance and energy savings.
  2. Metal Roofs: As metal roofing ages, fasteners, gaskets, and seams can all begin to fail. There are several options to repair metal roofing, including White Silicone Coating Systems that are completely waterproof and reduce energy bills. The next option is a White Elastomeric Coating System which lowers energy bills and improves indoor comfort, and is especially well-suited for metal. Aluminum Coating Systems represent a premium grade, highly reflective solution designed to deliver long-term rust and waterproof protection, especially where corrosion is evident. Finally, a Polyurethane Foam Roof System is a spray-in-place insulation that seals all penetration, enhances drainage, and minimizes ponding water.
  3. Modified Bitumen Roofing: Modified bitumen roofing is often used for commercial buildings and represents an improvement to traditional asphalt roofing, combining asphalt and other materials to offer enhanced performance. As the roof ages, the granules that protect the asphalt become exposed to the sun and begin to deteriorate more rapidly. There are several available solutions that may allow commercial roof owners to extend the life of their roofs. A White Silicone Coating System is waterproof, reduces energy costs, and causes minimal thermal expansion and contracting. Its resistance to ponding water makes it durable enough to apply to any flat or sloped roof. Aluminum Coating Systems and Polyurethane Foam Roof Systems (discussed above) are also an option for bitumen roofs.
  4. Single-Ply Roofs: A single-ply roof system replaces the traditional methods of built-up asphalt or rolled asphalt roof materials. Single-ply roofs are made up of a single layer of thermoplastic or thermoset membrane held in place by mechanical fasteners, adhesives, or ballast. As the roof ages, the water-proof outer layer starts to deteriorate, saturating the insulation and resulting in leaks. A silicone coating option will repair any damage that has taken place and will extend the life of the roof.
  5. SPF Roofing: SPF – spray polyurethane foam roofing – is comprised of a precisely designed foam application covered with an elastomeric coating (usually acrylic, silicone, or polyurethane) to protect the roof from ultraviolet rays. When Foam Roofs are not maintained properly, deterioration can take place. There are several options at this point.
    White Silicone Coating Systems and Polyurethane Foam Roof Systems are typcially recommended, depending on the extent of the roof damage and condition.

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