Commercial roofing repairs and fire prevention

6 Questions to Ask Your Commercial Roofer

Whether you operate a warehouse, auto dealership or condominum complex, when the roof is in need of repair or replacement, you’ll need to speak with a professional roofing contractor. There may be quite a few options in your region, so assessing the reputation, longevity and portfolio of any prospective commercial roofer is a great way to narrow the field. After that, understanding the right questions to ask can help you to choose the best professional for the job.

Commercial roofing repairs and fire prevention

Here are six questions to ask before hiring anyone to repair your roof.

  1. Are you licensed and insured? While any reputable roofing company will have proper licensing and insurance in place, you’ll want to ensure they are licensed to work in your state specifically. You can ask for their license number and check their status online, and every commercial roofer should be able to provide proof of insurance as well.
  2. What manufacturing certifications do you have? Roofing manufacturers may provide several certification levels, helping consumers to understand the level of service and experience they can expect from their contractors. Not every contractor will achieve certification, but that status indicates the manufacturer has vetted the contractor and they meet strict quality control requirements.
  3.  What is your project process and timeline? A reputable commercial roofing contractor will consider all necessary aspects and phases of your project when planning their methodology. Be sure to ask about the materials and processes they will be using and provide any feedback regarding concerns you may have before they begin the project. Ask about how the construction process may affect the occupants of the building, such as if noise will be excessive or if parking areas will be cordoned off. Your contractor should also provide a project timeline from start to completion – including the initial site inspection, repair or replacement recommendations, a cost estimate and timeline, communication and troubleshooting protocols, and warranty options.
  4. What preparation is required of the customer before the project? It is important to understand if you are responsible for preparing your site before the project. This may be as simple as informing the building occupants about the upcoming project’s details and what changes they may need to make during the process. Be sure to ask the contractor if you need to inform nearby buildings of the work as well. Every project and building is unique, but in most cases, the contractor will handle any physical preparations for you. If anything is expected of you, you should know before committing to the project.
  5. How much will the project cost? A commercial roofing contractor will include the project cost in their bid, but you should also inquire about any possible contingencies. A contingency is a minor percentage of the total project cost that will cover any unexpected circumstances during the roofing project, such as finding areas of rot that were not previously identified. Unforeseen issues or needed repairs will increase the project’s total expense, so it is vital to ask if contingencies are included – or how they will be handed if they arise.
  6. Do you handle ongoing maintenance? Once your roof has been installed or repaired, planning for ongoing roof maintenance is essential. Ask any prospective commercial roofer what type of maintenance and inspection program they offer. These programs are the best way to evaluate the health of your roof year after year and to prevent unexpected significant expenses in the future. Putting a maintenance program in place allows you to establish a relationship with your contractor and may even extend your roof’s warranty.

Ask Your Commerical Roofer About Roof Coatings

High-quality roof coatings significantly extend the life of your roof while minimizing any disruption to your employees and tenants. Unicoat Industrial Roofing is a team of highly respected professionals specializing in applying roof coatings. Call today to learn more about roof coatings and our experience, longevity, and reputation in this industry.

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