Commercial condominium roof repair

5 Indicators Condominum Roofing Needs Repair

The roofs that protect multi-family condominium complexes, apartments, or townhomes perform an important function in preventing damage to the units and the property and people in them. Understanding the right time to replace or repair the roof is part of an effective property management strategy that can significantly affect the annual budget.

According to research, the majority of roof replacements are unnecessary. Instead, knowing when to call a professional roofing contractor to learn your options is the best course of action. Here are the factors you need to consider.

  1. The Roof is Aging: The most obvious reason a roof may need repair or replacement is that they are old or at the end of its expected lifespan. However, if the property manager has followed a routine maintenance plan and addressed issues in a timely way, the roof may last well beyond that time frame. With so many options to extend the life of the roof, a property manager may not need to replace the roof at all at the end of the warranty period. Conversely, if the roofs in the condominium complex haven’t been well-maintained, a replacement may become necessary. Did You Know? Improperly installed roofs may fail prematurely, either due to contractor errors or poorly followed installation specifications. If you are newly responsible for roofing for apartments or condominiums, schedule a professional assessment as soon as possible to understand the condition of the roof.
  2. Repairs are Frequent and Expensive: If property management is spending a significant amount of the budget repairing the roof annually, that’s an indicator that the roof may need to be replaced. Property owners or managers should examine records from the last several years and determine the amount spent on repairs, including the cost of interior repairs associated with roof damage. Roof coatings or professional repairs may solve the issue and make replacement unnecessary, but a professional assessment is recommended.
  3. Deterioration and Erosion are Emerging: Sometimes, even relatively new roofs begin to deteriorate. If some of the condominium’s roofing is failing and others are not, you may be able to reroof in a phased approach.
  4. The Roofing Needs an Aesthetic Upgrade: You may wish to improve the look of your roofing to attract new tenants or in preparation for a sale. If your condominium owners are looking to maximize curb appeal and market value or effectively compete with other upscale properties, upgrading the roofs can make a significant difference. A new roof – or a newly coated roof – can result in a striking appearance upgrade.
  5. The Entire Complex is Being Renovated: When property owners want to make improvements to the overall property, including painting the exterior of the buildings, resurfacing the parking lots, installing new canopies, or refreshing the landscaping, signage or illumination— replacing or recoating the roofs in tandem with the other improvements can have a significant impact. Recoating all the condominium roofs at the same time can represent compelling economies of scale, even if every roof is not in the same state of disrepair. Talk to a professional roofing contractor about your options.

The team at Unicoat Industrial Roofing is the leading regional installer of high-quality roof coatings. Industrial coatings are an excellent solution for property owners looking to upgrade, extend, or rejuvenate their condominium roofing systems. Roof replacement is not your only option – call today for a professional assessment and to set up a routine maintenance schedule.

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