Unicoat, with experience in maintaining many types of roofing systems, specializes in metal roof and aged single ply membrane restoration. Unicoat offers a variety of solutions with non-prorated warranty options designed to meet your specific needs and budget. It all begins with a professional, no cost, no obligation inspection consisting of an extensive checklist of items to identify both existing and potential problems. This inspection also includes a comprehensive report detailing solutions to reported problems.

3 Year Leak Warranty

Roof Repair Program

Your roof may not yet require a protective coating. However, leaks are becoming a nuisance and soon could cause major problems. Unicoat offers a complete watertight repair system and guarantees all work for three years.

10 Year Leak Warranty

Fibred Aluminum Coating System

Highly reflective, premium grade, aluminum coating systems are designed to provide long-term rustproof and waterproof protection. This system is excellent for older metal roofs where corrosion is evident and will save on costly roof replacement.

12 Year Leak Warranty

White Elastomeric Coating System

This is the ideal system for all types of roofs. Particularly suited for metal and aged single ply membranes such as EPDM and Hypalon. Maximum solar reflectance means increased energy savings. The bright white finish and elastomeric qualities allows for minimal thermal expansion and contraction providing longer-term protection. Extend the life of existing single ply eliminating costly tear off and disposal costs.

15 Year Leak Warranty

Polyurethane Foam & Elastomeric Coating System

Sprayed-in-place polyurethane foam provides increased insulation value and seals all openings providing a, truly, monolithic surface. The highly reflective white finish will provide maximum solar reflectance and energy savings. Excellent for metal and built up roofing systems.

Unicoat offers a full compliment of other services including:
  • Metal roof panel replacement
  • Skylight refurbishing/replacement
  • FM Approved Hurricane Fastening Systems
  • Industrial Grade gutters/downspouts
  • Wall panel painting/replacement
  • Lightning rod installation & certification
  • Infra Red Moisture Detection