Over the past ten years, Unicoat Industrial Roofing Corporation has coated millions of square feet of metal roofing and single-ply membrane. And through it all, our goal has remained the same—to form and maintain customer partnerships to ensure your complete satisfaction and our continued success. Many of these partnerships are featured in our project profiles.

Markets We Serve

  • Warehousing
  • Self Storage
  • Airports
  • Schools & Universities
  • Manufacturing
  • Military & Governmental
  • Shopping Centers
  • Auto Dealerships

Regal Marine Industries, Inc.
Regal Marine Industries, Inc. Before
Regal Marine Industries, Inc. After

"We interviewed several roofing contractors before selecting Unicoat. With over 1,000,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing in two separate locations, we needed a contractor that specialized in this type of work and could get the work done in a timely manner without interrupting our day to day business! Unicoat proved that I made the right choice."

- Dean Eaton Facilities Manager

Over a planned three stage/three year roof restoration program, more than 1 million square feet of metal roofs were full sealed at Regal's two Southern manufacturing facilities. Over 35 thousand gallons of solar heat reflecting White Elastomeric roof coating was applied.

Nextran Corporation
Nextran Corporation Before Nextran Corporation Before
Nextran Corporation After
  • Replaced over 20% of existing deteriorated panels.
  • Replaced deteriorated and leaking skylights.
  • Replaced the entire failed valley gutter system with one of new, fabricated steel.
  • Full sealed all vertical and horizontal seams.
  • Seal coated entire roof with solar heat reflecting White Elastomeric roof coating.
Piper Aircraft
Piper Aircraft Before Piper Aircraft Application

Piper’s 100,000 square foot hangar roof was hit hard by two separate hurricanes. Temporary repairs were made at the time and in 2008 they made the decision to repair the roof for long term performance.

Unicoat crew members worked diligently in replacing damaged metal with new and sealed all seams and fasteners prior to coating. Unicoat also worked closely with structural engineers in overseeing the installation of purlins, girts and additional fasteners to meet stringent building codes.

Piper Aircraft After

The Piper logo was painted on the hangar with elastomeric coating and the length of each letter was over 185'. The logo is very visible from the air as planes make their landing approach.

Christian Contractors Association
Christian Contractors Association Before

"All crew members were professional, well trained and very accommodating to our requests. We are very pleased with Unicoat"

- Scott Jager Owner / Founder

Christian Contractors Association After

Power washed, primed, coated, and painted the entire complex including roofs, sidewalls, overhangs and water tanks.

Packers of Indian River
Packers of Indian River Before

"Not one but two Cat 3 hurricanes hit us in a three week period. Unicoat quickly responded to our crisis and worked 27 straight days to get our business up and running again."

- Mike Gararaglia General Manager

Packers of Indian River After
  • 15 year old standing seam metal roof severely damaged by two Florida hurricanes in three weeks.
  • Replaced over 30% of roof with new standing seam metal panels.
  • Full sealed and coated entire roof with a Fibered Aluminum coating.
U Store It
U Store It Before U Store It After U Store It Before U Store It Before

Existing 20+ year old granulated cap sheet roof over tectum deck was at the point of total failure. This roof was well beyond basic repairs.

U Store It Application U Store It After

Unicoat spray applied 1.5 inches of closed cell polyurethane foam followed by two coats of white elastomeric roof coating. This roof qualified for a 15 year leak proof warranty. It also qualified for a .45 per square foot FPL rebate and the energy savings should pay for the entire project in approximately four years.

Hydro Aluminum
Hydro Aluminum Before Hydro Aluminum After

Over 200,000 square feet of metal roofing coated by Unicoat Industrial Roofing Corporation.

Dear Mr. Kessler,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks for a job well done on the recent contract at our facility, particularly in the area of Occupational Health & Safety.

As you are aware, Health & Safety is our top priority at Hydro Aluminum Rockledge. We take great pride in our Health & Safety Program and require that all contractors performing work at our facility adhere to our policies and procedures.

I personally performed numerous inspections of the work site and was impressed with the entire work crew, the use of Personal Protective Equipment and the good Fall Protection Systems that were in place.

Also, a special thanks to Mr. Joe Rucky. Having dedicated supervisors is the key to any companies’ success in the area of Occupational Health & Safety.


Jeffrey M. Kisner, Health, Environmental & Safety Manager Hydro Aluminum Rockledge

Word of Life School
Word of Life School Before
Word of Life School After

The existing metal roof was prematurely failing. Not only was it unsightly but leaked at the vertical seams.

Word of Life School Application Word of Life School Application

Unicoat removed the existing standing seam panels and replaced them with a new standing seam roof.

CCP Properties
CCP Properties

"Our internal gutters have always leaked and the skylights were totally disintegrated. It’s great to finally have a solution that works. The maintenance personnel are no longer moving garbage cans around every time it rains to collect water."

- Joe Fiala Owners Representative

CCP Properties

All vertical and horizontal seams were full sealed along with each fastener sealed with a high performance urethane.

CCP Properties CCP Properties

Over 80,000 square feet of barreled roofs full sealed and coated with 2,400 gallons of white elastomeric roof coating.

Pasco County School Board
Pasco County School Board Before Pasco County School Board Before Pasco County School Board Application

18 year old dried out fiberglass skylights replaced with new and full sealed.

Pasco County School Board After
  • This public bid school project was subject to Florida's "Jessica Lundsford Act" requiring FBI background checks on all Unicoat crew members, as a condition of award.
  • All Unicoat work crews are full-time employees of the company and have passed all scrutiny and provided the school district an excellent job.
Port Manatee
Port Manatee Before

"From their metal crew that replaced the existing gutter system, deteriorated metal panels and multiple purlin supports… to their coatings crew that fully sealed and coated this roof… all met or exceeded the Port’s expectations and the original scope of work."

- Michael R. Alligood Director of Port Maintenance

Port Manatee After
  • Replaced eight 27 foot structural support purlins; replaced 4000 square feet of deteriorated metal panels; replaced all existing gutters and downspouts with new fabricated oversized box gutters/ downspouts; replaced 60 aged skylights with new.
  • Entire metal roof surface wire brushed, power-washed, full primed with Zinc, seams full sealed and the prepared roof coated with a high performance, solar reflective Aluminum roof coating.
Great Dane Trailer
Great Dane Trailer Before Great Dane Trailer Before

It is estimated that once corrosion begins that it will accelerate at a rate of 5% per year.

Great Dane Trailer After
  • Severe corrosion problem almost at the point of requiring metal replacement.
  • Sealed and coated with Fibered Aluminum roof coating at 1/5 the cost for a new metal roof replacement.